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A large childcare company faced a cumbersome and time-consuming recruitment process. The manual handling of applications and candidate communication created bottlenecks and hindered efficiency. They sought a solution to streamline the process, improve candidate experience, and free up valuable time for their recruitment team.

Harrison Digital Media’s Solution:

Harrison Digital Media implemented a comprehensive automation solution for the clients recruitment process. This involved:

Needs Assessment & Platform Selection

  • We collaborated with the client to understand their specific needs and workflow. Following a thorough evaluation, we implemented a native marketing automation system that offered the necessary functionalities.

  • Building a Multi-Stage Automation: Our team designed a complex multi-stage automation workflow. This likely included:

    • Automated Application Forms: Streamlined application forms on the website integrated with the automation system.
    • Automated Trigger Responses: Automatic responses triggered by website actions (e.g., application submission) to acknowledge applicants and provide initial information.
    • Tagging & Filtering System: A system for the recruitment team to categorize applications with relevant tags for efficient filtering and sorting.
    • Automated Communication: Automated emails triggered by specific stages in the recruitment process (e.g., application received, interview invitation, etc.).


  • Integration & Training: We ensured seamless integration of the automation system with [Client Name]’s existing website and systems. Additionally, Harrison Digital Media provided comprehensive training for the recruitment team on utilizing the new system effectively.

  • Needs Assessment & Platform Selection
  • Building a Multi-Stage Automation
  • Automated Application Forms
  • Tagging & Filtering System
  • Automated Communication
  • Integration & Training


The automated recruitment process implemented by Harrison Digital Media significantly improved efficiency.

  • Reduced Manual Workload: Manual tasks like sending initial responses and sorting applications were automated, freeing up valuable time for the recruitment team to focus on high-value activities.
  • Improved Candidate Experience: Automated communication ensured timely and consistent feedback for applicants, enhancing their experience throughout the process.
  • Increased Recruitment Efficiency: The streamlined process facilitated faster identification and processing of qualified candidates.

Client Testimonial

Harrison Digital Media’s expertise in automation transformed our recruitment process.

The multi-stage automation system has significantly reduced manual workload, improved communication with applicants, and overall recruitment efficiency. The training provided by the team ensured our staff could seamlessly utilize the new system


This case study demonstrates the power of automation in streamlining recruitment processes. Harrison Digital Media’s tailored approach, combined with a robust marketing automation platform, enabled to achieve greater efficiency, enhance candidate experience, and empower their recruitment team.

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