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Midcounties Co-op, a leading retailer with a strong focus on serving local communities.

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Midcounties Co-op aimed to launch their new online GP and Pharmacy service effectively. They needed to raise awareness of this convenient healthcare option and educate potential users about its benefits.

Harrison Digital Media’s Solution:

Harrison Digital Media developed a strategic video marketing campaign to support the launch of Midcounties Co-op’s online GP and Pharmacy service. This approach involved:

  • Understanding the Audience: Through collaboration with Midcounties Co-op, we gained a clear understanding of the target audience – individuals seeking convenient and accessible healthcare solutions.
  • Compelling Video Production: The Harrison Digital team produced a series of four engaging videos. These videos likely explained the benefits of the online GP and Pharmacy service, showcased the user experience, and addressed potential concerns.
  • Strategic Distribution: The videos were distributed across various online platforms to reach the target audience efficiently. This could have included Midcounties Co-op’s website, social media channels, and potentially targeted online advertising.
  • Understanding the Audience
  • Compelling Video Production:
  • Strategic Distribution:
  • Unprecedented Traffic Gain:


The video marketing campaign played a vital role in the successful launch of Midcounties Co-op’s online GP and Pharmacy service.

  • Enhanced Brand Image: The high-quality videos likely contributed to a positive and modern brand image for Midcounties Co-op, positioning them as a company at the forefront of convenient healthcare solutions.
  • Improved User Education: The videos effectively communicated the benefits and user experience of the online GP and Pharmacy service, making it easier for potential users to understand and utilize this new offering.
  • Seamless Integration: Harrison Digital Media’s team seamlessly integrated with Midcounties Co-op’s internal team, acting as an extension of their digital marketing department.

Client Testimonial:

Andy and the Harrison Digital team provided invaluable support throughout the launch of our online GP and Pharmacy service,” says Suki Rapel, Head of Digital at Midcounties Co-op. “Their video production expertise and collaborative approach were instrumental in our success. They became a trusted and valued member of our outsourced team


This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of video marketing in launching new healthcare services. Harrison Digital Media’s creative video content, audience-centric approach, and seamless collaboration with Midcounties Co-op helped create a successful campaign that increased awareness and understanding of the new online GP and Pharmacy service.

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  • Timeframe: 2017- 2018
  • Location: West Midlands