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PPC or ‘Pay-Per- Click’  advertising is growing 10% year on year in the UK. Businesses can now reach their audience in a highly targeted and effective way.

Lets Talk About PPC

We help businesses get their product or service in front of the right people

Is your business cashing in on the massive opportunities online paid advertising presents?

Do you regularly use online marketing but need a more impactful, coordinated PPC strategy?  Dipped your toe in the water with paid media such as Google Ads? Never looked at paid media at all? We can help.

PPC is:

  • Fast
  • Highly targeted
  • Low risk
  • Trackable
  • And… it ranks you higher in the major search engines!

At Harrison Digital, we are a specialist paid media agency and have a wealth of experience in, social media advertising, paid search and online video. This enables us to achieve great results across multiple channels.

This is what our clients say

I’ve worked with Andy for several months now. His strategic oversight means that recommended actions are appropriate and relevant to the business, maximising their impact and guaranteeing results. If you’ve not met Andy and discussed how he and his team can positively impact on your business, then you’re missing out.
Jonathan Andrew, Baswich Business Services
Andy is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to online marketing and social media.
Even in a 5 minute phone conversation he manages to share a top tip that can instantly be implemented and have a positive effect!

I’d recommend Andy to anyone who wants to make a bit more sense of the chaos that is online marketing, he’ll set you on the right path!

Jo Foster, Lumina Studios

We Can Advertise Your Business Online, Get In Touch Today!

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