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Most businesses don’t know how to generate leads as a direct result of social media. They are consequently missing out on sales. Our team can drive your social media marketing forward to help you reach your goals.

Lets Talk About Social Media Management

Want to get better results from social media?

Our social media management service will help you reach new customers and stay in touch with existing customers online. We use the latest techniques to get results from your social media marketing. Outsourcing your social media to the team at Harrison Digital allows you to tap into our expert knowledge, frees you up to focus on running your business and saves you the cost of employing and training staff in this area.

We Will:

  • Help devise your social media strategy
  • Develop specific social media campaigns in line with your marketing objectives
  • Build reach on those platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.)  and find out where your customers are
  • Grow your online community
  • Create and post content that makes an impact and inspires interaction
  • Provide you with regular statistical reports on your campaigns

We get the best possible outcomes from your social media platforms to help you gain visibility in your industry, grow your online community, gain more customers and ultimately grow your business.

This is what our clients say

“Andy’s depth of knowledge and detailed approach to Social Media marketing makes him stand out from the crowd of social media advisors. We have found his data mining techniques and practical approach to prospecting extremely useful in helping to grow our business.”

“I’ve worked with Andy for several months now. His strategic oversight means that recommended actions are appropriate and relevant to the business, maximising their impact and guaranteeing results. If you’ve not met Andy and discussed how he and his team can positively impact on your business, then you’re missing out.”

Jonathan Andrew, Baswich Business Services

We tailor our social media management service to the specific requirements of your business so why not get in touch!

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